All About Toll Booth Positions in Business

Frequently Asked Questions about Toll Positions in Business...

  • Why is having a toll position important?

One of the "problems" in business are "copycats". That is, if you start a successful business, it's often easy for someone to "copycat" your idea, and siphon off some of your profits! This is one reason why many people don't succeed - too many other people, all selling the same sort of stuff.

With a toll position, this no longer becomes a problem.

A "toll booth" is a booth in the road, where you have to pay a toll if you want to continue driving along that road. You can't just drive around it without paying the toll.

A "toll position" is similar - it means that if anyone wants to do or buy something, they have to pay you for it. They can't get around doing so.

  • Can I do business without a toll position?

Yes, you can do business without having a toll position. However, if you do, you are severely limiting your profits, if not now, then in the future.

  • Will I make more money with a toll position?

You'll definitely make more money in the long run if you have a toll position, compared to not having one.

  • How do I get a toll position?

This is explained in an upcoming course.

  • Who's the world expert in getting a toll position?

Without a doubt, the world expert in toll positions is Harvey Brody. Through his toll positions, he makes millions of dollars a year, with a three-person business! The only other people who can make millions a year with such a small "organization" are people who are immensely talented - great singers, great song-writers, great actors, great novelists, and so on. But by knowing the power of toll positions, and putting this knowledge into practice, anyone can secure their financial future without needing to create a big organization or company (with all its headaches!).

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